10 reasons to choose WordPress

10 reasons to choose WordPress

I’m sure that you have used or heard about WordPress – the most popular website platform today. In the process of using WordPress, what makes you feel satisfied?

We sum up some points that you need to feel fortunate when using WordPress.

1) Free and open source support

WordPress is provided with free versions in two ways – free and open source. WordPress is an open source project with the development of users around the world. Open source software means that you have the freedom to use, modify, build and redistribute the software the way you need.

2) Easy to use

Because the platform is free, it is easy for you to start. All you need to do is install it on your computer. Therefore, many sites choose to use WordPress.

3) Works well with plugins

If you need the ability to connect other plugins to your site to add other features, WordPress is a great choice. It’s easy to integrate with plugins like email marketing systems or ecommerce stores with the available plugins. This gives you the option to make your website be suitable for your needs.

4) Endless customization options

There are thousands of attractive WordPress themes to choose for your website. There are both free and paid themes. In these themes, there are many options like web page colors, fonts, etc. to customize your website and make it unique.

Topics often suggest complementary plug-ins including site optimization, ecommerce solutions, and contact forms.

5) SEO Optimization

WordPress makes it easy for search engines to crawl web page’s information and determine the content of your site for web search. This is very important if you are setting up a new business and want to grow your web traffic.

6) WordPress and the great support community

WordPress was started as a community project and is not owned by anyone. Thousands of people have been working on it since 2001 when it started. Therefore, it has a great support community with a natural way. You can find many forums and communities offering WordPress tips for any problems you are experiencing with your site. There are also plenty of sources available to learn new features and skills, so you become more proficient at using the platform.

7) It looks good no matter what

Some statistics predict that between 2017 and 2021, global mobile data traffic will expand seven times. In early 2017, mobile devices accounted for 49.74 percent of all site on worldwide. Global mobile commerce revenue is forecast to increase from over $ 170 billion in 2016 to nearly $ 695 billion by 2019!

These trends confirm the importance of having a website designed to be responsive on different devices. Most of the themes available for WordPress are designed to automatically respond. There are also a number of responsive supplements being available for selection.

8) Security

Your site needs to be protected. There are some security plugins that you can download to help you make your WordPress page safer.

9) Manage your website easily

After you build your website, you will need to manage it. This includes things like adding new content or new pages. WordPress has a control panel, so you can easily manage everything on your site. You will also receive updates through emails for any updates made to this platform, so you will not be surprised.

10) WordPress loves us!

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