Tips for a professional website

Tips for a professional website

A successful web site requires a lot of factors, not only to have an attractive design, but also to provide users a good experience with full of functions. Of course, the Website should also be easy to understand “at first sight” to attract customers.

You need to put yourself in the position of users to understand what they need, how the layout of the site is the most reasonable.

Here are five tips to make sure you’re on the right track and do not alienate your Website:

Keep your homepage simple and clean

Users rarely read everything on your Website. Normally, to save time, they will go through the page and find the keywords they need or stop in the highlights of the page, even if you are doing like that when accessing a Website.

A visitor going to your website usually has two typical purposes: to know about your service or have demand on your service. Therefore, the standard Website must have basic descriptions being easy to understand and not too lengthy, with a call to action to encourage customers to register quickly.

You can use icons and images to convey information instead of using text across the page.

Design with content hierarchy

We had a long way to grow in the Internet age and it does not stop. Today, with the development of computers and smart phones as well as other technological devices, designing your website is compatible with different devices being not easy.

You only have a few seconds to attract the attention of your users when they visit your Website. So what should you do in a few short seconds?

It’s not too hard to do, all you need is to arrange your content clearly, apply the principles of color as well as presentation, contrast and size to easily attract the most eye.

Create easy-to-read web content

“Easy to read” measures how easy it is for people to recognize words, sentences and phrases. As the readability of the site is high, users will be able to scan your site efficiently and gather information without much effort.

To gain easy reading for the site is relatively easy; Try these important rules:

Contrast is important

It is very important to have enough contrast between the text and its background, so that the text is clear. You may have selected the colors that are part of your brand identity carefully and they should be represented on your website. You can freely create and combine colors together, however, do not forget the main purpose of the Website is to make the most user-friendly.

You can not read what you can not see

Older websites usually have small fonts. But over time, people realize that fonts around 12pt would be too hard to read online. With a screen of 24 inches, most people will struggle to see the small fonts. Therefore, you should keep the main content of the website in about 16 ps. This is just a hint, you also need to pay close attention to which font you should use to customize properly.

Too many fonts

As a rule, do not use more than three types of in a web page to avoid annoying the viewer’s eyes. Some projects may require a more complex font combination, but if you choose to use multiple fonts, you need to really focus on the overall and make sure they are harmonious, not cluttered.

Easy to navigate

Website redirection is the great concern. You should avoid making your customers tired when wandering the Web to look for something. A good web site navigation will be evaluated well.


As mentioned above, we are living in a mobile society, so it’s important for your visitors to see what they are seeing when they visit your site. Make your Website friendly with your website so you can keep up with the world. Be sure to place yourself in the user’s position and check every page, user action, and button. If you want to make sure that your mobile-friendly site is tested on a variety of mobile devices.

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