3 things need to know when choosing a place for servers

3 things need to know when choosing a place for servers

This isn’t a new topic, but because of its impact on your success in business, we continue to share 3 things that you need to consider when choosing a place for your cheap dedicated server.

Although modern technology is constantly developing for the server, the location of the server may not sound too important. If you use shared hosting for your storage, you probably don’t need to be too concerned about the hosting issue. However, if you use a dedicated server, the performance, speed and reliability you need will be much higher. And to increase performance, the data center’s geographic location is an important factor for you.

Although the speed of access to the server from the internet has been greatly improved over the years, users still have to spend more time that they need to access data from a large distance. This is even more evident when users need access to a large amount of information or access from mobile devices.

There are many reasons for you to choose a datacenter to place your server, but you should see some of the following essential reasons to make sure you choose the best datacenter for you.

Why you need a server? And Where is your customers?

Obviously not because you have a lot of money and need to find a place to spend money. The main reason is because the demand of customers for your website is high or you want to expand your business, ..

For these reasons, users are what you need to be most concerned about when choosing your server. The closer your server is to users, the better the user’s experience will be.

If you want to reach domestic customers, the choice of local servers will ensure more performance. Similarly, if your customers are mainly in the Americas, you should choose suppliers who can put your server in America to ensure its performance.

Currently, 123HOST has cooperated with overseas Datacenter in order to meet the need of renting super cheap dedicated servers in foreign countries.

How about the infrastructure?

Surely you do not want to choose a poor infrastructure and do not guarantee the quality of your server. Your server is required to run 24 hours. A well-invested infrastructure will not be able to meet this most basic demand.

The most basic datacenter needs to have a power supply system, cooling, 24/24 online connection and protection as well as absolute security. All of these factors help server operations take place continuously and quickly.






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