Should you choose Windows when renting a web host service?

Should you choose Windows when renting a web host service?

When looking for a Web host service for you, you will find providers often introduce more Linux platforms. And other providers will introduce Windows. However, the vast majority of providers will offer both options to reach more customers. Because many Windows users are operating systems on their computers, they think that using Windows when buying cheap vps or dedicated server is a good solution.

However, the truth is that people can still use Linux well without problems. Most people only choose Windows because it is necessary in some cases. Please see the comparison between Linux and Windows below.

Linux vs Windows

In fact, it is more important to find a reliable and suitable Web host provider than what platform you use. However, there are many topics that discuss comparisons about which platform to use for your hosting. You can see below:

  • Pricing – Windows servers are often more expensive than Linux. However, its price is also falling because of the increasing level of competition. You will be able to find many places where you can buy cheap VPS or cheap dedicated server with Windows platform that is equal to or only slightly higher than Linux.
  • Features – Both Linux and Windows have the features you will need to accomplish your goals. You can run scripts, create pages, blogs, forums. You can get all the features whether you choose Windows or Linux.
  • Performance – Linux will do this a bit better than Windows. You may not be able to see this difference, but you can see the fundamental difference when Linux provides an extension platform and Windows is all in one. With Windows, you get everything at the same time, so it causes slow performance. It may be insignificant at first, but sometime when you have too many things to handle, you’ll notice a huge difference between them.
  • Security – this is often a controversial issue because of its importance. Both platforms are equally capable of being attacked and hurt. The security of your system depends heavily on the vendor that has powerful monitoring software and anti-attack systems.

Features of Windows

Any proprietary Windows application will work better on the Windows platform simply because it is designed like that. Although many Windows applications still work well on Linux, you will find that connection and its performance are not very good.

Therefore, if you use any Windows proprietary application as the main function of your Website, you should choose Windows when buying cheap VPS. If not, then choosing a Windows or Linux is not very important. You should focus on how you can buy cheap VPS with the support and protection you need.

The only good decision in your choice between Windows and Linux is its features. If you need the following features, Windows is your partner.

  • ASP – this is a Web application platform that you use to create dynamic web, Web applications, or services.
  • FrontPage – this is a website creator of WYSIWYG (What You See Is You Get) that allows you to create pages in the form and can easily upload them later.
  • .NET – this is a software framework that provides many security solutions, connectivity, application development and more.
  • Windows Streaming Media – a means of serving audio and video to the public often used by websites about bands, artists or movies.
  • Access – is a database system similar to MySQL that is often considered the backbone of many different types of applications.
  • MSSQL – is a relational database system commonly used with Cold Fusion or ASP.









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