Notes When You Want To Change Another Web Host Provider

Notes When You Want To Change Another Web Host Provider

There are many reasons for you to consider changing your Web Host service provider. And actually no one wants this because it also carries a lot of troubles. However, the common reasons for you to accept all that trouble is the cost. You can buy cheaper dedicated server Vietnam at another provider while still ensuring your needs. Whatever the reason you decide to switch suppliers, you should also consider some of the following to ensure safety.

Backup your data immediately

Don’t think about transferring your storage when you haven’t backed up your entire website yet. This helps you to secure the entire Website data in case something happens. Backing up all data can take a lot of time if you don’t often do this. Please calculate time carefully to avoid losing your valuable documents.

Research a supplier to buy cheap dedicated server

You need to consider the factors that new suppliers can give you before deciding to buy their cheap dedicated server. To ensure compatible operations you need to ensure the features offered by the provider match your needs. Ask for information about the service as well as the technical support team of a supplier can give you.

If it’s possible, you should ask for a few days of trial to make sure all are compatible with each other. Make sure you have a temporary URL to check your page when changing DNS.

Before moving

Let everyone know when you will be moving your Website. Everyone includes: customers, partners and even your old provider. This shows your politeness, and can also help your customers know more information as well as the old provider can cooperate to help you transfer data.

Please inform in advance that you will pause the Web for a short time to move it. This notification should be available 1 week in advance to ensure everyone can see it.

When you’re moving your data…

Make a plan for your move. Schedule a specific time to reduce the execution time to as little as possible. Having a list with the steps to take will make it easier for you to monitor the situation.

After the migration process, you must check it again to make sure that no errors have occurred, and not lose any data of the Website.

After transferring data…

After your data transfer process has completed and your researching steps do not contain any errors or they have been resolved, you can change your DNS. Normally, it will take about 48 hours to complete this process.

Even if everything worked well, wait for a few days before deciding to cancel the account at the old provider. Of course, this is only in case of a few unexpected cases.







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