5 factors for a good server providers

5 factors for a good server providers

Every newly created Website usually carries an idea. However, each idea can be a challenge to build a Website. Creating a website requires you to have a basic Website’s knowledge. In addition, the main basic factor for the operation of the Website is storage. You have a beautiful website with preeminent functions to serve the needs of customers and experience’s customers. But your hosting is not good, your website will be hard to develop.

You have many facilities to make a decision about what the best hosting service is for you. However, there are factors that a good hosting service needs to ensure the operation of the Website. Follow the following factors immediately for your hosting service.

PHP Web Script

PHP is the most popular programming language for websites, so this is a factor that needs to be supported for a good hosting service.

SQL Database

Because each database needs to be allowed to access to a single script, Webmasters need to choose a good supplier that provides SQL scripts for the hosting service.

Addon Domain

This is one of the features that Web Host providers offer to attract customers to themselves. Providing additional domain addon helps you to run multiple websites on the Host account.

Site builder

Choosing a good dedicated server Vietnam with the site builder tool will help you quickly build a Website for yourself. Building a website will become easier for novices with the Web world and hosting.

Satistics and Monitoring Tool

When choosing to purchase hosting services, you should keep in mind whether the provider has given you an account to statistics and monitor your services. These tools will let you see the number of visitors to your website so you can manage it more easily.

The above are some of the most basic elements that hosting service packages need to meet the need of using Website hosting. You can depend on your own requirements and choose the most reliable supplier!












Online Tools Help You Create Nice Images

Online Tools Help You Create Nice Images

With the Website, in addition to providing information, you often have to insert illustrations. However, it is difficult to create a image with customers’ choice if you are not a graphic designer.

Anything does not have an image will make the reader boring. The same with the Website, when you provide information to customers, you should also insert some images that you design yourself to attract more customers or to hit strongly certain information you want customers to know.

There are many professional photo editing tools such as Photoshop or Illustrator. And these tools are only for professionals. If you are not a person who knows about the design program, you can refer to some photo editing tools below to help create your own beautiful images.

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Notes When You Want To Change Another Web Host Provider

Notes When You Want To Change Another Web Host Provider

There are many reasons for you to consider changing your Web Host service provider. And actually no one wants this because it also carries a lot of troubles. However, the common reasons for you to accept all that trouble is the cost. You can buy cheaper dedicated server Vietnam at another provider while still ensuring your needs. Whatever the reason you decide to switch suppliers, you should also consider some of the following to ensure safety.

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Should you choose Windows when renting a web host service?

Should you choose Windows when renting a web host service?

When looking for a Web host service for you, you will find providers often introduce more Linux platforms. And other providers will introduce Windows. However, the vast majority of providers will offer both options to reach more customers. Because many Windows users are operating systems on their computers, they think that using Windows when buying cheap vps or dedicated server is a good solution.

However, the truth is that people can still use Linux well without problems. Most people only choose Windows because it is necessary in some cases. Please see the comparison between Linux and Windows below.

Linux vs Windows

In fact, it is more important to find a reliable and suitable Web host provider than what platform you use. However, there are many topics that discuss comparisons about which platform to use for your hosting. You can see below:

  • Pricing – Windows servers are often more expensive than Linux. However, its price is also falling because of the increasing level of competition. You will be able to find many places where you can buy cheap VPS or cheap dedicated server with Windows platform that is equal to or only slightly higher than Linux.
  • Features – Both Linux and Windows have the features you will need to accomplish your goals. You can run scripts, create pages, blogs, forums. You can get all the features whether you choose Windows or Linux.
  • Performance – Linux will do this a bit better than Windows. You may not be able to see this difference, but you can see the fundamental difference when Linux provides an extension platform and Windows is all in one. With Windows, you get everything at the same time, so it causes slow performance. It may be insignificant at first, but sometime when you have too many things to handle, you’ll notice a huge difference between them.
  • Security – this is often a controversial issue because of its importance. Both platforms are equally capable of being attacked and hurt. The security of your system depends heavily on the vendor that has powerful monitoring software and anti-attack systems.

Features of Windows

Any proprietary Windows application will work better on the Windows platform simply because it is designed like that. Although many Windows applications still work well on Linux, you will find that connection and its performance are not very good.

Therefore, if you use any Windows proprietary application as the main function of your Website, you should choose Windows when buying cheap VPS. If not, then choosing a Windows or Linux is not very important. You should focus on how you can buy cheap VPS with the support and protection you need.

The only good decision in your choice between Windows and Linux is its features. If you need the following features, Windows is your partner.

  • ASP – this is a Web application platform that you use to create dynamic web, Web applications, or services.
  • FrontPage – this is a website creator of WYSIWYG (What You See Is You Get) that allows you to create pages in the form and can easily upload them later.
  • .NET – this is a software framework that provides many security solutions, connectivity, application development and more.
  • Windows Streaming Media – a means of serving audio and video to the public often used by websites about bands, artists or movies.
  • Access – is a database system similar to MySQL that is often considered the backbone of many different types of applications.
  • MSSQL – is a relational database system commonly used with Cold Fusion or ASP.









Essential Things Help Your Website Grow

Essential Things Help Your Website Grow

In order for your business to develop, you need some ways connect and attract to customers. Advertising is the best way for you. In the online world, when accessing to potential customers becomes easier. You can advertise your images and products to customers without spending too much money. Being more proactive in your approach with simple steps. Here are some points to help your online business grow

Good Website with the best Server

An elegant and responsive Web site is really great to impress customers. The website is full of information about your business, services and contact information will be more trusted by customers. You do not need to design a sophisticated website. What you need is a simple, elegant website and provides complete information for your customers. Some cheap dedicated server providers will give you everything you need with simple Website templates for your business. You can hire another professional Website designer if you like a sophisticated Web sit

Social Network

Online business, you cannot deny the power of social networks. This is a lucrative market with people having similar interests and needs. There are many social networks, however, depending on your needs, you only need to focus on the 3 most popular social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Taking care of your social networking sites like your Website. You have information as much as possible, customers will feel safe when choosing you. However, you should also notice, public social networks, your opponents can also be fake to comment on bad things, so you should have smart behaviors in this case.

Review from customers or the third party

The fact that your Web site receives a lot of positive reviews from old customers or partners or a third party that specializes in ranking research will help your business grow. Your image and reputation will be engraved on the minds of customers, with good reviews, they will remember you as soon as they think about the products you are trading.

Having a posting schedule

You should have a posting schedule for both the Website and your social networking sites. This ensures your customers can easily find you. You can share information about products to other non-contact information, so your customers can easily update information. In order to share information being optimal, you should keep in mind that the frames have more visitors to reach more audiences.

Simplify the payment and registration steps

When customers decide to buy your product. This is not the last step. You can still lose customers if your payment and registration process are too complicated. Usually, when deciding to buy online, everyone wants it to be quickly confirmed and delivered immediately. However, if your site has to go through many procedural steps to close orders, this will make customers feel very bothered. Ignore unnecessary steps so your customers can close orders quickly.










Six Solutions to Increase Traffic

Six Solutions to Increase Traffic

One of the easiest ways to increase your business revenue is to attract more customers to your site. You need to have an effective strategy for increasing Websites’s traffic. From preparing a good storage, buying cheap VPS or Dedicated server to attractive Website content, the main purpose is to ensure stable traffic for your Website. Grasping this demand, I offer some solutions that you can choose for your traffic growth strategy. Below, there are three options with no fee and the three options with fee you can choose.

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3 things need to know when choosing a place for servers

3 things need to know when choosing a place for servers

This isn’t a new topic, but because of its impact on your success in business, we continue to share 3 things that you need to consider when choosing a place for your cheap dedicated server.

Although modern technology is constantly developing for the server, the location of the server may not sound too important. If you use shared hosting for your storage, you probably don’t need to be too concerned about the hosting issue. However, if you use a dedicated server, the performance, speed and reliability you need will be much higher. And to increase performance, the data center’s geographic location is an important factor for you.

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Tips to fight with DDOS Attacks

Tips to fight with DDOS Attacks

Upgrade the infrastructure

To fight again DDOS attacks, you should upgrade the suitable infrastructure or maintain it in the best state to avoid unfortunate consequences. The main problem here is that you have to upgrade the network infrastructure for your own website.

If your Website depends heavily on the internet or is a server, then you need to ensure the resource allocate by geography. In other words, you should not keep your database or resources in a data center.

Besides, one thing to note is that the data center does not have to connect to the same service provider. Even if you use many different locations of the datacenter, you will not receive full protection.

Increase the bandwidth

We come up with another way against DDOS. It is still effective as upgrading your infrastructure. That is, you should increase the bandwidth for your own hosting service package. This does not completely solve DDOS attacks from hackers, but it also makes it difficult for hackers or competitors to attack your website.

Going over the bandwidth limit of your hosting service is an extremely vulnerable security. With these types of attacks, increasing bandwidth can be a solution. Even so, this is only a temporary solution against attacks like this.

DDOS Invest a dedicated server service to fight with DDOS attack

And this is the best way to help fight with DDOS attacks completely, so you should invest in a super cheap dedicated server service provider to fight DDOS attacks. These services use special devices to minimize DDOS to protect your Website immediately.

By developing new technologies to protect its customers against rival’s attacks, 123HOST specializes in providing DDoS attack solutions with a two-layer security mechanism to ensure fast and secure performance. all.

Renting a quality super cheap dedicated server at 123HOST, you will be consulted with the most advanced technology solutions, developed exclusively at 123HOST to protect your Website against bad business competitors.








Tips for a professional website

Tips for a professional website

A successful web site requires a lot of factors, not only to have an attractive design, but also to provide users a good experience with full of functions. Of course, the Website should also be easy to understand “at first sight” to attract customers.

You need to put yourself in the position of users to understand what they need, how the layout of the site is the most reasonable.

Here are five tips to make sure you’re on the right track and do not alienate your Website:

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